3A: Climate change and infrastructure

A changing climate will have big effects on infrastructure. This session will discuss decision making under uncertainty, for structures with a life span beyond the scope of the climate scenarios.

08.30 - 12.00 Thursday October 25th 

Location: Vingen 3-4

How are decisions made under these circumstances, and what are the effects of those decisions? The session will also focus on adaptation of existing infrastructure. Considerable infrastructure with a high capital value already exists – these are difficult to move and adapting it to a changing climate can be complicated and expensive. What infrastructure should be adapted, and what are the actions available?

Speakers include:

Ulf Arumskog, City of Norrköping
Karin Mossberg Sonnek, FOI
Anders Rimne, Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning
Eva Liljegren, Co-ordinator for adaptation at the Swedish Transport Administration
Oskar Larsson Ivanov, Department of Construction Technology, Faculty of Engineering, University of Lund
Dick Karlsson, specialist in hydraulic modelling, City of Gothenburg
Jan Husdal, Statens Vegvesen
Brynhildur Davidsdottir, Professor University of Island

This session will be held in English, but interventions in other Nordic languages are welcome.

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