Posters and exhibits

Take the opportunity of learning more and make new contacts. Nordic Conference of Climate Change Adaptation will offer a wide range of posters and exhibits. 

Welcome to the poster sessions. There will also be a number of exhibitions, see below.

Poster presentations

Bolincentret för klimatforskning / SU - Bolin Centre for Climate Research

Research Central Denmark Region - Climate Adaptation in a Governance Perspective

Centrum för miljö och klimatforskning / LU -Climate change adaptation in a densifying city – blue-green visions in Sofielund, Malmö

Climate and Culture, SMHI - Climate Extremes for Sweden: state of knowledge and implications for adaptation and mitigation.

DTU / Technical University of Denmark 

FMI/Finnish Meteorological Institute - Temperature-related mortality in Finland

Hav & Vattenmyndigheten 

Hyresbostäder i Norrköping - Sårbarhetsanalys – skyfall och värmebölja

Härnösands kommun 

IIT Bombay - Flood risk, urban planning and transformation – A study of Mumbai

LIFE - LIFE and urban resilience

LIFE - LIFE & adaptation to climate change

Länsstyrelsen Västra Götaland - Klimatanpassning i prövning och tillsyn

LUCSUS - Does it matter what we think about power?

MET Norway - Preparing for heavier rainfall – Norwegian “climate factors”

Metsa  - Small coastal lagoons under human & climate change pressure

NERSC - Atmospheric heating in Arctic Cities

NORCE & the Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research  Klimathon – a hackaton-like workshop to inspire dialogue and find solutions to improve climate services in Norway

Norrköpings kommun - Sårbara grupper – förebyggande åtgärder

Norwegian Computing Center - Statistical Analysis of Climate Projections (eSACP): A NordForsk e-Science Project

NVE - Trends in zero-degree crossings for Norway (1971-2100)

Pussel Klimatkonsult - Experience from supporting organizations on the verge of starting or developing processes for climate adaptation.

Region Skåne - Värmebölja – beredskapsplan för vårdpersonal inom primärvård och kommunal äldreomsorg.

RICE - Moisture safe and healthy buildings in a changing climate

Riksantikvarieämbetet - Risk och sårbarhet – historiska platser

SGI - LandPlan – fysisk planering genom en tillbakablick från framtiden, med fokus på markens förutsättningar.

SGI - The Delegation for Göta älv river

Sajha Foundation 

Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna 

SLU - Making sense of adaptation – the adaptation practice in a governance perspective

SMHI - Global climate change & effects on the oceans & the marine ecosystems

SMHI - Grön infrastruktur och klimat i nordiska städer

SMHI - Climate change adaptation in urban areas – development of an integrated Climate Services Information System (CSIS) in the framework of the EU.

SMHI - CORDEX General Status and Outlook

SMHI - Extreme Sea Levels in the Baltic Sea in Climate Change Scenarios

Technical University of Denmark - Assessing the potential for a multi-level climate resilience labelling system

Tyréns - Adapting infrastructure to climate change – using cost-benefit analysis to draw the line for action.

University College Copenhagen - Is it a private responsibility to deal with the consequences of climate change when you are living in a welfare state?

University of Sheffield - The role of the citizen in adapting to climate change

University of Tsukuba - Dynamics of climate change vulnerability and exposure in urban areas


Life program 

University of Linköping

Swedish National Knowledge Centre for Climate Change Adaptation

Norrköpings kommun



Statens Geotekniska  Institut