2C: The role of the citizen in adapting to climate change: how to engage residents in developing robust, attractive and low-carbon societies

Citizens have a potentially important role in adapting to and mitigating climate change. To enable institutions and people to jointly learn about, discuss and implement concrete actions, we need to elaborate on how we currently understand and approach citizen perceptions and involvement, and develop better support for and interactions with citizens in adaptation planning.

13.00 -16.15 Wednesday October 24th

Location: Vingen 6-7

In this session, we discuss three interrelated sub-themes in which citizens could be more explicitly involved:

  • Communication & Learning (increasing the dialogue on climate change risks and measures)
  • Strategic Planning & Governance (Facilitating citizen involvement in strategic decision-making and planning)
  • Local change (Cooperating with residents in designing effective and attractive local responses)

Speakers include:
Nina Baron, University College Copenhagen: “Challenges and opportunities connected to climate change adaptation in non-urban communities in Denmark”

Lisa Van Well, Swedish Geotechnical Institute: “Mapping the “soft” and ethical consequences of sea level rise”

Heleen Mees, Utrecht University: “The Roles of Residents in Climate Adaptation:” A systematic review in the case of The Netherlands”

Stefan Fronzek, Saara Ihanamäki, Marjo Neuvonen, Tuija Sievänen and Timothy Carter, Finnish Environment Institute: “Adaptation to climate change among cross-country skiers and downhill skiing centres in Finland”.

Sebastian Irminger Street, Sweco; “Inclusion of stakeholders in the design process”.

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