2B:  Rising sea levels in the Nordic region

In this thematic session we will hear about what the latest science say about rising sea levels in the Nordic region, and what strategies can be used when planning for and adapting to future levels.

13.00 -16.15 Wednesday October 24th

Location: Vingen 1-2

We will also get some insight in what decision support is currently available, plus a chance to discuss what support is still needed. This session is especially targeted to those working with the planning of resilient communities in municipal administrations.

Speakers include:

Ola Kalén, Sea Level Expert at SMHI: ”Global sea level rise – past, present and future”.
Magnus Hieronymus, Sea Level Expert and Researcher at SMHI: "What we know about regional sea level rise and how we are affected by variations from the global mean”?
Hugo Kind, Stavanger Municipality: "Strategies for dealing with sea level rise"
Anna Möller, Head of City Planning at Vellinge Municipality: “Planning for future sea levels in southern Sweden”
Thordis Thorarinsdottir, NR Norway: “Decision-support for uncertainty quantification and decision-making on coastal adaptation”.
Cecilia Näslund, National Board of Housing, Building and Planning, Sweden: "Flood risk management, guidance for supervision - development plans".

This session will be held in English, but interventions in other Nordic languages are welcome.

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