1C: The business of adaptation

The aim of this session is to support the meeting between research on future climate and practical business activities to discuss development of business models governed by climate change.

08.30 - 11.45 Wednesday October 24th

Location: Vingen 8

We welcome both practitioners and academics interested in business development. The session will include examples of why it is important to take the climate change into account. Practical regional business opportunities from climate change will also be presented and discussed. The session ends with a joint workshop/discussion.


Climate as a business strategy

Research presentations
Attitudes in insurance companies to sharing data with public stakeholders working with climate change adaptation.

Enabling or Constraining Transformative Change in Local Livelihoods.  

Practitioner session
Analyses and mapping of tools, needs and measures taken concerning climate adaptation amongst Swedish small and medium sized companies

Combining climate adaptation, biodiversity, and recreational values in a small area - Broparken in Vallastaden, Linköping

Discussion: How can climate adaptation drive business

Speakers include
Pär Holmgren, Länsförsäkringar
Malin Forsgren, 2050
Cecilie Flyen, Sintef
Anne Kokkonen, Sintef
Cecilia Wyser, Pussel Klimatkonsult
Mats Helander, Ecosoci
Henrik Fagerlund, Affärsutvecklare, AQVIS Miljö
Elisabeth Lundkvist Affärsområdeschef Planering Calluna AB
Charlotta Davidsson, Landskapsarkitekt, White

This session will be held in English, but interventions in other Nordic languages are welcome.

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