1A: Policy, planning and implementation: critical concerns and approaches for climate-proof urban areas

This session focuses on the political and governance related challenges that appear in the policymaking, planning and implementation of climate adaptation in urban areas. Critical issues, lessons learned, and ways forward for Nordic Cities will be discussed by researchers as well as representatives from public and private sector.

08.30 - 11.45 Wednesday October 24th

Location: Vingen 3-4

Speakers include:
Charles-Antoine Gosselin, Economist, Ouranos – Innovation cluster on regional climatology, Canada: “Building the business case for climate change adaptation in Eastern Canada at the municipal level.”

Marianne Karlsson, Norwegian Institute for Water Research, Oslo: “Toward a climate adapted storm water management in Oslo: how different urban stakeholders understand barriers and enablers to local, open and multifunctional water solutions. “

Anne Jensen, Department of Environmental Sciences, Aarhus University: “ Experimental urban policy and climate changes: Leadership, participation and living labs on the road to building adaptive capacity in Copenhagen”

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